Into the Valley of the Nentir.

Set a century after the fall of the Empire, the Nentir Vale has finally struggled back to some semblance of normal life. Men and women have given their lives to drive back the vicious Bloodspear tribes and cast out the demonspawn of Ancient Vor Rokuth.

But the flickering flame of civilization threatens to wink out if not fed by the blood of heroes.

Welcome to The Lamp Bearers, the story of young heroes from the Nentir Vale, 794 years after the founding of the Empire and a century after its collapse.
The party was originally from the village of Kassen, along the shores of the White River, but that town has long since been destroyed an now only a single group member (Jelcor) survives. Two groups of adventures now tread this land, solving ancient riddles and defeating evil: The Lampbearers and The Imperials.

This game is played with Dungeon World/World of Dungeons. Play book is here.

News in the Vale

794 High Summer – No news. Party helps Tyrell the Merchant recover his lost companions from the hands of a band of orcs.
794 Late Summer – Raiders on the King’s Road. Party saves the village of Kassen from a Priest of the Demon Urgathoa and then travels to Fallcrest. They track the raiders on the King’s Road and mourn the passing of Alistar Ravenbow to their swords.
794 Early Autumn – The Bloodspear Tribes raid deep into the Vale. The Kin participate in HarvestTide in Fallcrest, then travels south along the Nentir River.
794 Mid Autumn – A dragon razes Kassen. The Kin embark on an epic quest to understand the mystery of the Shadow King and the actions of his agents within the Nentir.
795 Early Spring – No news. Crassius and Atton raid the town of Tarod’s Landing, driving Darius Vode the brigand chief into hiding and lifting the curse of Kraal Keep.
795 Late Summer – Lord Faren Marklehay is murdered by parties unknown. Three factions grope for power in the vacuum – Captain Redthorn of the Iron Circle, the vicious Lady Kaal and Lord Jared Immerhand.
795 Late Fall – No news. The Lampbearers pass north and out of the Vale for half a year. During this time they visit the Great Forge and discover the ancient Tower of Lorgalis.
796 Early Spring – No news. The Imperials journey to the Cave of the Everflame. The Lampbearers return to civilization.

The Lamp Bearers

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