Taryn Galedoth

A noblewoman of the south.


Age: 23
Class/Level: Wanderer 1
Sex/Ethnic: Female/Human (Nerathi)
Look: knowing eyes, wavy dark brown hair, fit body.
Fashion: leggings, off-white tunic, brown cloak, hunting boots.

MGT:0 AGL:+2 PER:+1 INT:+2 RES:0 CHA:+1
Special Abilities
Sleuth When you search for clues, you can do so quickly and while on the move. You can always tell when someone is lying, though you may not know the cause of their deception.
Forage When you are in the wilderness, you always find enough food and water for yourself to survive.
Inspiring You can attempt to sway public opinion with your song, stories, or rhetoric.
Weapons Armor
Weapon DAM Tags Type DR Tags
Nerathi Sword 3 light, close Clothing 1
Hunting Bow 3 close, far
Experience: 0 Advances: 0
Hero Points: 3 Favors: 3/0
Stamina: 6
Weapons: Nerathi Sword(1),Hunting Bow (2),
Armor: Reinforced Clothing
Equipment: Satchel, Adventuring Gear (1), Rations (1), Bandages, Quiver (1)
Consumables:Ammo:3, Equipment:5, Rations:5, Bandages:3
Clothing: Tunic, leggings, boots, cloak
Magical: n/a
Treasure:Journal of Belan
Load (Allowed/Carried):9/6


Charming & relaxed, hopeful, open-minded.
Adaptable, honest, thoughtful.
Fierce, passionate, restless.


Medium height, fit.
Violet eyes.
Sturdy clothing.


Just not a stay at home girl. Trained by parents. Sword given by father, journal from mother, other gear came from clan’s stores.
Worst event in life: plague struck home when young.
Best event in life: gifted a horse when twelve.
Family: still in contact, very proud. Father, mother, two half-brothers.

Taryn Galedoth

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