Dungeon World Abilities

Arcanist Moves
Druid: Can only summon Nature or Elemental spirits, but +1 to all magical rolls when dealing with them. You start with 2 spirit pacts.
Enchanter: You can create illusions to make someone see something that isn’t there, or mesmerise them so they believe something that isn’t true.
Necromancer: Can only summon spirits of Death, Death, Decay or Darkness, but +1 to magical rolls dealing with them. You start with 2 spirit pacts.
Shaman: Can command but not summon spirits, +2 when doing so and can project own spirit into the spirit world.
Ritual: Can perform true, ritual magic.
Vehemence: When you use damaging magic effects, add +1 die to Damage, discarding the lowest result.
Warded: When you are using magic, your protective wards keep you safe, granting +1 Armor.
Warlock: Can summon but not command spirits, roll +1 CHA when making a pact, and another +1 when dealing with demons and planar entities.
Wizardry: Can summon any kind of spirit at no bonus or penalty. You start with 2 spirit pacts.

Explorer Moves
Daring: Once per day, you can ignore the damage or effects of an environmental hazard.
Forage: When you are in the wilderness, you always find enough food and water for yourself to survive.
Hunter: Add +3 damage to ranged attacks when the target is unaware of your presence.
Rover: When you run through the wilderness, you do so without leaving obvious tracks or a trail.
Rugged: Add +1 to hero dice rolls when avoiding damage.
Scout: When you take the lead in the wilderness, you always spot your targets before they spot you.
Tracker: When you attempt to identify and follow tracks, you can do so quickly while on the move.
Whisperer: You can converse with and attempt to command animals.

Fighter Moves
Accurate: Add +2 damage to any ranged attack.
Berserk: When you are outnumbered, add +1 to the damage you inflict and +1 armor, but you must make an effort to not immediately resort to violence in heated situations.
Deadly: Add +2 damage to any melee attack.
Duelist: You may fight with two light weapons. When you do so you may either add +1 to armor or roll damage for both weapons and take the best.
Hardened: Add + 3 to your Health.
Skirmish: Add +1 to any damage you inflict and if you are wearing light armor add +1 armor.
Slayer: You are trained in the pursuit and destruction of particular people or monsters, such as trolls, orcs, pirates or witches. When fighting them, add +1 die to damage, discarding the lowest result.
Tough: Add +1 armor, from being badass.

Miscreant Moves
Backstab: Add +3 damage to melee attacks when the target is unaware of your presence.
Cutpurse: When you pick pockets or conceal things on your person, you can do so quickly while running.
Dodge: when you are lightly armored (or less), you get +1 armor.
Getaway: Once per day, you can automatically flee a location – sprinting, dodging, and ducking to avoid pursuit.
Lookout: When you take the lead in the city or a dungeon, you always spot your targets before they spot you.
Opportunist: When you and your allies overpower your opponents, you inflict +2 damage.
Reflexes: You always act first, and can react when suddenly surprised.
Tinkering: When you pick locks or disable traps, you can do so quickly and unnoticed while in plain sight.

Mystic Moves
Banish: When you confront spirits or demons, you can attempt to cast them out by the power of your faith alone, or inflict 2d6 damage against the mindless undead.
Blessing: When you anoint items with holy water or a lengthy ritual, the wielder is granted three damage rerolls against evil.
Commune: When you meditate with spirits or fall into deep prayer to your deity, you can attempt to seek their counsel, though their answers may be puzzling, disturbing, or conditional.
Damnation: You can attempt to inflict curses or ailments upon others, either with eye contact or through a fetish.
Divination: When you gaze into a crystal or a bowl of holy water, you can attempt to see events either far away, in the past, or in the future.
Familiar: You have an animal companion, such as a crow, rat, cat, snake or spider, magically bonded to you. You can see through its eyes, and hear what it hears.
Healing: You can neutralize poisons, remove curses, and heal wounds with a touch. This allows the wounded to make a Recovery roll, even without rest or rations.
Shifting: When drinking the blood of an animal you can attempt to take its form, leaving your possessions behind. However, it is a feat of willpower to revert to your original self, particularly the longer you stay a beast.

Affluent: When your purse is empty, you can attempt to make purchases with the promise of paying the money back at a later date.
Connected: You can attempt to obtain favors from other Nobles, whether getting a loan, an invitation to a party, or introductions to other important people.
Diplomat: You can enter negotiations, bargain, or parley, even with the most disagreeable of people, as long as they are intelligent enough to understand you.
Guarded: Once per day, you can redirect any attack against you to one of your Hirelings.
Linguist: You can speak and read all civilized languages.
Prestige: Everyone knows who you are. Halve the price of any Hirelings, as they seek your employ in order to gain later favors or advantages.
Schemer: When you bribe or blackmail others, you can do so subtly or through third parties, without drawing too much unwanted attention to yourself.
Strategy: When you are in combat, you can attempt to predict the movements, positions, and strengths of your enemies.

Scoundrel Moves
Allure: When you seduce someone, you can make them reveal intimate secrets about themselves despite their better judgment. You can also attract someone’s attention with only a glance.
Contort: You are able to escape from bonds or squeeze into small or tight places.
Disguise: When you use costumes and makeup, you can attempt to convincingly imitate other people, or ensure your own identity is unrecognizable.
Inspire: You can attempt to sway public opinion with your song, stories, or rhetoric. When you entertain a crowd, you can earn d6 Coins, 3d6 on 10+.
Lucky: Once per day, you can turn any Failure into a Problem instead.
Sleuth: When you search for clues, you can do so quickly and while on the move. You can always tell when someone is lying, though you may not know the cause of their deception.
Trick: You can attempt to distract or delay your opponent with your antics.

Specialist Moves
Appraise: You can tell the approximate value of artwork and trade goods once you’ve inspected them.
Bargain: Once per day, you can halve the price of a purchase thanks to the different tradesmen you know, or the guilds you have contacts with.
Engineer: With the Crafting skill, you can create and repair mechanical devices.
Expert: Once per day, you can turn a Fumble into a Success.
Sailor: You can crew a sailing vessel, and never feel ill due to stormy seas.
Surgeon: With the Treatment skill, you can try to mix new medicines or bring someone back from the brink of death.
Talented: Add +1 Skill.

There are twelve available Skills, briefly described below.
Academics: You are well-read in politics, histories and cultures, both local and foreign.
Athletics: Training to increase your fitness, mobility, and resistance to fatigue.
Awareness: A keen perceptiveness, curiosity, and an eye for detail.
Crafting: Training in various handicrafts, from carpentry to stonemasonry.
Deception: Quick wits, cunning, a love of exaggeration and a knack for cheating.
Fellowship: You have an ear for gossip, the gift of gab, and a knack for appeasing foul moods and hurt feelings.
Leadership: You have a commanding presence and an iron-clad confidence.
Mysteries: An education in the legends, lore, mythologies, and secrets long since forgotten.
Navigation: Training in the charting of courses across the land or sea, via maps and the position of the stars.
Stealth: You have a light foot, quick hand, and an ability to intrude where you do not belong.
Survival: You are well familiar with orienteering and living in the wilderness unaided.
Treatment: You know how to diagnose illnesses, tend to wounds, and soothe pains with ointments and medicines.

Dungeon World Abilities

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