A large fortified village along the banks of the White River.

Kassen small

Location Key

1. Seven Silvers Inn.
2. Great Hall.
3. Woodcutter’s Guildhall.
4. Temple of Erathis (Shrines to Moradin & Avandra).
5. Town Watch Barracks.
6. Renet’s Steel – metalworks.
7. Arnama’s home.
8. Sir. Dramott’s home.
9. Braggar’s Armory.
10. Vargidan Estate – home of the odd Vargidan family.
11. Holgast’s tower.
12. Mayor’s home.
13. Illimara’s home.

Town Council

Mayor Uptal, Gregor Wisslo, Sir Dramott, Colbin Vetnar, Braggar Ironhame

Important People

Cygar Anravis – wanderer.
Sir Dramott – knight from Fallscrest, keeps watch over Kassen. Stern.
Jocyn Elmaran – resident storyteller and historian. Joyful.
Holgast – hedge wizard and eccentric sage.
Jimes Iggins – foundling adoptive son of Trelvar Silvers.
Braggar Ironhame – warrior and smith from Hammerfast. Best in town.
Guardsman Golfond Kir – huge town guardsman. Simpleton.
Arnama Lastrid – scout employed by town. Tough, quiet and dedicated.
Illimara from across the waters – Beautiful and exotic recluse.
Rantal Prasst – Priest of Erathis.
Asina Silvers – Teenage daughter to Trevlar Silvers. Gossip.
Trelvar Silvers – Widower innkeeper. Honest but lonely.
Jonark Uptal – Fair, rotund, cautious and sometimes grim.
Moltus Vargidan – Oddball retired adventurer.
Colbin Vetnar – Master of the Woodcutters Guild. Greedy and self-serving.
Gregor Wisslo – Aging fighter, rigid and harsh but with a soft spot for children.

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