Common/Trade Tongue (pidgin)
A pidgin of Nerathi, Kardish and Anari. Spoken by many people of the Old Empire.
Script: Nerathil.

Imperial (true)
The high tongue of the Nerathi Empire. Many scholars still use it.
Script: Nerathil.

Easterling (true)
Still in great use around Gulf of Kar and by the Iron Wolf barbarians.
Script: Ethek Runes.

Vale Speech (true)
Speech of the Old Race. Spoken in Nerath homelands before the coming of the Nerathi. Many ancient Vor Rukoth tomes are written in this tongue.
Script: Rellanic.

The Dark Tongue (pidgin)
A language manufactured by the Warlock Kings of Vor Rukoth to communicate with blooded mercenaries and slaves coming out of Iron Circle lands. Harsh and gutteral.
Script: none.

Wind-song (true)
The language of the Haruon, the ancient folk who were the first to follow the Primordials. Crudely called Elvish.
Script: Rellanic.

Great Speech (true)
Ancient language of the dragons and the dragonborn. Rarely heard in human lands.
Script: Iokharic.

Stone Cant (true)
The tongue of the Giants. Taught to Gauri during their long servitude to the giants. A harsh and practical language. Taught to the Tinkers by the Gauri.
Script: Davek.

Baraz (true)
The speech from before the Gods, taught by the Primordials to their followers. Men can go mad listening to the concepts expressed by the language and ultimately it is impossible for men to know completely.
Script: Barazhad.

Hunt Voice(pidgin)
The savage speech of the Druaga (beastmen). Not a true language, but more than capable of conveying complex hunt and battle concepts.

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