In ages past, a great Kingdom rose in the mountains: Malachor.

Ruled by human kings, the Gauri and men who dwelt there crafted items of unsurpassed beauty and cleverness. It is legend that some great treasure came into their safekeeping.

After many generations, a great evil rose up and assailed the Kingdom. For a century, Malachor defended itself. But the evil was too great. The King and Prince devised the Great Diaspora.

Some would remain with the King and defend the Kingdom to the end.

Others would go into exile with the Prince and leave Malachor forever. Those who left would be enchanted with the Song of Forgetfulness: cursed (or blessed) to never remember their home, the secret paths or what majesties lay within its borders.

And so Malachor passed into legend. The fate of the King of Malachor, the great treasure or the evil which assailed it are lost forever.

Legend has it that a codex (The Tome of the Silver Branch) bearing the travails of the Exiles was written and could possibly contain hints of the location and defenses of the realm.


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