The forest folk of the west, an introverted, peaceful people with strong family traditions. Having settled in the Valley some centuries ago, they are devout followers of the Seven.

Kardish (Easterlings)

A powerful warrior race from the East. Originally conquered by the Nerathi nearly a thousand years ago, they became ubiquitous throughout the Empire as warriors and traders.


The conquering folk of the south.


The warrior clans of the north. Savage but not necessarily barbaric.


The Night people.

Elder Races

Haruon (Woodwights)

Drauga (Beastfolk)

dragonborn2.JPGSlaan (Dragonborn)

Children of the greatest servants of the dragons, this people is descended from ancient times when their reptilian forebears sacrificed motes of their power to transform their armies and forge them into the unstoppable legions of Karkoth.

Gauri (Half-giants)

The Nephali

The “cursed” peoples of Vor Rukoth, born with the features of the daemons their ancestors allied with.

The “Blooded”

An ancient people tainted with the blood of the Elder Gods. For almost all of them, this is the blood of Denev, the Earthmother – the only Elder God to survive the purge of Lorgalis the First Mage. There are those who still dwell in the dark places of the world, tainted by the Blood of Darkness – remnants of the other Elder Gods.


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