The Light and the Shadow

Religion in the lands of the old Nerathi Empire is fairly simple: in the beginning the Maker created the world and imbued it with life. His son he raised up and was glorified as the Sun, the light which drives away the darkness. His daughter was the moon, a spirit of balance and nature, and the ultimate gatekeeper of the Dark Road, the path to the afterlife.
But in their absence a malevolent entity grew: The Shadow. His followers grew powerful in the dark places of the world and attempted to overthrown the Order of the Maker. The Shadow’s greatest triumph came when the Maker was distracted by the chaos of the world and a great enchantment was laid upon him, causing him to stumble into a deep and unending slumber.
Thus it has been since nearly the beginning of time.

The Temple of Light

Priests of the light venerate the Sun as a source of light and warmth. Its followers travel the world seeking to bring the holiness of it into the world, some as healers, some as warriors and still others as scholars. There are many Orders of the Light (in the fallen great City of Nerath there were nearly two hundred such Orders) each of whom adhere to the tenants of a former great Follower. Some of these might have been warriors, farmers, healers, judges. All have one thing in common: they were chosen to become one with the Light and thus transcend the mortal world to appear to future generations as Exarchs of the Light.

Temple of the Twilight

More properly followers of the moon goddess: Sehanine. She is the daughter of the creator, and a much more independent spirit then the Sun. Her realm is that of balance and her sphere of influence appears anywhere balance occurs: magic, life and death, nature and chance. Though a benign presence, she very much believes in the maintaining of balance and in encouraging her followers (and those who would call upon her) to find their own strength. Her avatars are almost universally creatures of nature: animated trees or sentient boulders, or some such presence.

Temple of the Shadow

The Shadow manifests itself in two ways in the world. The first is as a malign presence, sealed beyond mortal ken and contact but felt in dreams and in times of unnamed dread. The second is through the presence of Shadow Servants (sometimes called demons) – embodiments of evil and darkness who stalk the world in the service of great evil. Most such entities are single-minded and simple, being of pure rage or lust. Some transcend these base personalities to become more complex in their hungers and satiation.


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