Bloodspear Tribes

Tribes of Men and Drauga occupying lands north and west of the Cairngorms peaks.


Although the Clans have always been in the northernmost parts of the world, they have only entered into history in recent eras.
The first reference is in the Arkhosian Chronicles where it is recorded the Bloodspear were allied with the Nephali Lords of Bael Turath against the Arkhosians in that epic struggle. Arkhosian writers relate the sheer savagery of the Bloodspear Clans and the great cost paid breaking the horde lead by Turok Stormcry.
The second reference is by Imperial historians in the twilight years of the Old Empire. Remnants of three Legions fought (and were defeated by) the Bloodspear Tribes under Halrog Blackrobe. During this struggle they were recorded as being cunning warriors, something of a departure from the description of the savagery of the Turathian/Arkhosian conflict.
In recent years the clans have been quiet, remaining in their home ranges and infrequently raiding into the Nentir Vale.

The Dark Gift (A secret revealed)

During the savage struggle between the Arkhosians and Bael Turath, a sorcerer known as the Shadow King gifted the Bloodspear with the Dark Gift, a metamorphing elixer which imbues the consumer with both strength and savagery. Unfortunately, it was also irreversible and without continual gifts led the the breaking or deaths of numerous warriors. With this power, the Shadow King enslaved the Bloodspear. In the years since they have regained their freedom, but are very aggressive about making sure the Gift is never again unleashed upon their people.


Bloodspear Tribes

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