Jelcor's Log

Oy! So now these guys want a written log of our travels. Because Crassius’ storytelling and catterwailing in every tavern wasn’t enough, they want a written journal of our exploits. Of course, its “Hey Jelcor! You can read, you can write… why don’t you do it.”

Early Spring, 796 – Near Fallcrest

We were hoping that travelling with Prior Kholm’s caravan would be a great way to sneak into Fallcrest and avoid detection. We ran into last remaining members of Winterhaven’s Red Riders after they suffered an ambush from the Iron Circle. The survivors have also told us that the new Lord of Fallcreast, Kamroth, is wearing a new crown that makes it difficult to resist his words. Consensus is that this is the artifact of the Lost Kings (the Crown of Fangs) we previously encountered.

The good news! Galen Hawkwing is in the area. I may have a couple of things to settle but Atton definitely has a debt he wants to cash in. Galen’s also got some southern mercenaries working for him again and they are back to enslaving farmers and killing locals.

We investigated one of the farms, the Barlows, that was attacked yet wasn’t burned down. There was one, lone blind woman left behind but between her words and search of the area, we learned that the original clans of the Fallcrest area are being targeted by Galen’s people. Valeros, being familiar with the area’s farmers from his time in the fields, lead us to one of the other original clans to see if we could set up an ambush for Galen and his men.

What is with second sons? We encountered a late night rendezvous between a couple of dark figures. We split up and chased each down. One of the figures proved to be Trent Bardaran (second son) and, under fear of being consumed by the earth, told us that Galen is in search of a book called the Way of the Lost Kings. The other figure was a representative of Galen’s and he’s got friends in the area. The book is with one of the original clans and we need to find it first…

Jelcor's Log

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